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Kobe Fish

The UtsuMichelin Guidebook for “Kobe Fish

* The “Kobe Fish” is known by name as “Ikanago no Kugini” of Kobe

Taste style, Softness, Average length of fish, for sale


M/S. Igami san (Nagata,Kobe)‘s – Standard taste, Hard, 4cm, not available
Ms. Okazaki san (Tarumi,Kobe)’s – Garic taste, Soft, 3cm, not available
M/S. Maeda san(Nagata,Kobe)’s – Standard taste, Semi Hard, 3.5cm, can buy


M/S. Uokatsu san(Nagata,Kobe)’s – Non-sweet taste, Semi Hard,3cm,can buy
M/S. Kubo chan (Kita,Kobe)’s – Standard taste, Semi Hard, 3.5cm, not available


M/S. Gogyofuku (Nagata,Kobe)’s – Semi Sweet taste, Soft, 3cm, can buy
M/S. Daikokuya(Chuo,Kobe)’s – Standard taste, Semi Soft,3cm, can buy
M/S. Yashioji (Suma, Kobe)’s – Standard taste, Soft, 3cm, can buy

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